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Hardware and Software

Can you beat the special pricing I already have?

We buy for people and companies across all of Wyoming. We’re an authorized dealer for almost every major company and have good relationships with them. All of which means you can benefit from our buying power and relationships. And if we can’t get you a better price, at least you’ll know you really got a great deal.

How small (or big) of an order can you handle?

Our walk-in repair service diagnoses, orders parts and fixes projects as small as a single device. So when we say no job is too small, we demonstrate it every day. We also place orders for many of the largest companies and organizations across the state.

What hardware and software can you handle?

We buy “standard” items like desktops and laptops, screens and whiteboards, printers, servers and switches, power supplies and surge protectors, and wifi components every day. We also field less common “special requests” all the time. If it connects to your computers or your network, we can get it for you.

The same thing applies to software. We can handle all your licenses and installations, whether it’s a common software or a specialty program.

Is the supply chain an issue?

Absolutely. If you buy something yourself, you’re at the mercy of the general ordering process. You may be okay with your order making it to you whenever it shows up (or only parts of it showing up). Our clients buy through us because we research availability before we even quote an order. Once it’s placed, we monitor it and make adjustments when availability becomes a problem. We juggle all those issues and keep you updated.

Network & IT Management

This is only for companies, and probably just bigger ones, right?

If you’ve ever dealt with technology that isn’t working the way it should, then you know how much fun it is. Big companies usually have a person (or a team of people) who live that fun all day, every day. We know because we support a lot of them. Medium-sized and small businesses often juggle ways of dealing with it as best they can. And given the number of devices in our homes, many of us find ourselves troubleshooting problems that used to just bother businesses.

We’re happy to help, whether it’s big or small, business or personal.

How much do I need to know about technology to work with you?

We support and advise cutting edge IT managers. At the other end of the spectrum, we help plenty of folks who don’t want to know anything about technology – they just want it to work. Whether you’re at one extreme or the other, or somewhere in between, we’d love to be a resource for you.

Why would I pay for something I can do myself?

If you’re an IT pro or a savvy do-it-yourselfer, you might like to offload some of the more manual parts of the process. Daily monitoring and fixing can be tedious. Or you might want to have an extra set of eyes, just so you don’t accidentally miss something.

To some degree, most people can handle IT issues. Do they enjoy doing it…have the time for it…and are they as up to date on the industry as they’d like? When something goes wrong (and it will), how much time, frustration, and money could you save by having a trusted professional you can tap?

Cyber Security

Is this a big deal in a small place like Wyoming?

Ask your local banker or call the local FBI office. They’ll tell you this is happening every day, right here in our community. All of us are at risk, including our companies and its customers.

Am I safe enough if I downloaded some protective software?

It isn’t a bad idea to install it, but even a moderately competent criminal can get past that software without breaking an electronic sweat. If you want genuine protection, you want professional advice and support.

Is this a one-size-fits-all situation?

Every company is a bit different in terms of how they do business, how their employees use technology, and their tolerance for risk. We can provide some very basic feedback and insight…test your system and develop a customized security plan…and everything in between.

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